Casillas responds to Piqué over Real Madrid 2-6 Barcelona post

Barça's Spanish defender reminded his social media followers of that famous victory that was witnessed at the Santiago Bernabéu 11 years ago. But Iker had a reply...


On 2 May 2009, Pep Guardiola's Barcelona rocked the Santiago Bernabéu with a stunning 2-6 victory in LaLiga. It was a win in which their defender Gerard Piqué popped up with a goal and on Saturday, as coronavirus quarantine continues, he has reminded everyone of via his social media accounts. Real Madrid’s goalkeeper that day, Iker Casillas wasn’t letting it slide by without comment.

Iker adds to Piqué’s sums

The Barça man posted a message on Twitter saying: "11 years!" as a nod to the celebration of the anniversary of that famous victory. He also included a video showing the Spanish defender scored to seal the historic scoreline. Iker Casillas may have been on the wrong end of things that day but he had his own ammunition with which to return fire.

The Madrid legend replied to his former international teammate with the sum ”11 + 2 = 13" in clear reference to the number of European Cup/Champions League titles that Los Blancos have collected along the way. It’s a record that no one gets close to.

On a personal level Casillas has won three of UEFA’s most prestigious medals with Madrid, meanwhile Piqué has four, three with Barcelona and one with Manchester United.