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USA elections 2020 results in New York: who has won the popular and college vote?

New York has been called for the challenger Joe Biden, handing the democratic candidate the state's 29 electoral college votes.

USA elections 2020 results in New York: who has won the popular and college vote?

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New York State has been called for Joe Biden in the Presidential Election 2020 being held today, November 3. That hands the Democratic nominee the 29 electoral college votes for the state.

The AP called the state when polls closed, on the basis that early voting numbers confirmed the state's longstanding political trends in favour of Democratic presidential candidates will hold.

New York State popular vote result

As of 22:30 ET the New York Times is reporting that 31% of the vote has been reported and the situation is as follows:

Donald Trump: 35.6% - 1,210,672

Joe Biden: 63.3% - 2,151,145

The lead is currently 940,473.

Today only unofficial results from in-person early voting and Election Day voting will be announced. Mail-in ballots, provided they are postmarked by Election Day, will count if they arrive by 10 November. That said, no amount of mail-in ballots will change this race, which goes to Biden.

New York State electoral college result

New York has been called for Biden, meaning he will take the 29 electoral college votes on offer in the state.

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New York City solidly Democrat

Joe Biden was always expected to win New York, which Hillary Clinton won handsomely in 2016, with 4,556,124 votes (59.01%) to Trump's 2,819,534 (36.52%).

The last Republican to win the state was Ronald Reagan, back in 1984. Trump of course is a son of New York, having been raised in Queens, but the city has turned its back on him. Trump too has gone cold on the Big Apple, moving his residence to Florida.