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Floyd Mayweather nicknames: why "Pretty Boy" and "Money"?

Ahead of Floyd Mayweather Jr's exhibition bout against Logan Paul, we look at the reasons behind the boxing great's nicknames.

Floyd Mayweather nicknames: why "Pretty Boy" and "Money"?

Floyd Mayweather Jr, who takes on YouTuber Logan Paul in an exhibition fight on 6 June, has been known by three main nicknames during his illustrious boxing career: "Pretty Boy", "Money" and "TBE".

What’s behind Mayweather’s nicknames?

"Pretty Boy"

Mayweather, who won world titles across five weight classes before retiring from professional boxing for a third time in 2017, picked up the moniker "Pretty Boy" because of his ability to avoid coming away from fights with cuts and bruises - thanks in no small part to his renowned defensive prowess.

The nickname was coined by fellow boxers during Mayweather's time as an amateur in the early to mid-1990s - a period that brought an Olympic gold medal in the Atlanta ’96 featherweight boxing tournament.


Later in his career, he sought to move away from his “Pretty Boy” tag and re-christened himself as Floyd "Money" Mayweather. Speaking in 2012, he explained the change.

"The nickname 'Money' came from when I was joking and throwing money into the camera, so it stuck with me," he said. "You can’t be a 35-year-old man calling yourself 'Pretty Boy.'"

It’s by no means an inappropriate name for a sportsman who has accumulated a net worth that Forbes magazine estimated at $285m in 2018, and who once memorably boasted to a sparring partner: "My [pay] check looks like your social security number."


Mayweather, 44, also refers to himself by the initials "TBE", which stand for "The Best Ever". It’s a nickname that requires rather less explanation.