Why are the Dallas Cowboys the most valuable franchise?

With 8.51 million supporters, the Dallas Cowboys have been the most valued NFL team for 12 consecutive years. But what's the reason behind their popularity?

Why are the Dallas Cowboys the most valuable franchise?
Jerome Miron USA TODAY Sports

America’s Team still remains America’s most valuable football franchise.

Members of the NFC East division, the five-time Super Bowl champions became the most valuable sports team in the world in 2015- as the first sports team ever valued at $4 billion- and a few years later they broke their previous record and jumped into the $5 billion ladder. This past year, even with the pandemic disrupting their season, the Cowboys were valued at $6,5 billion.

They were also the first U.S. team to generate $620 million in revenue, making Forbes' list as the most valued NFL team for the 12th straight year, according to Wikipedia.

But one can argue as to why the Cowboys get such attention, especially with the lack of Super Bowl titles since 1995.

Well, there's Jerry Jones.

Jerry Jones is the Cowboys’ owner, salesman, advertiser and biggest cheerleader. Under Jones, the Cowboys have possibly felt like Super Bowl champions with their sharp uniforms, glitzy facilities, and loyal fans.

As far as we know, Jones has been the only NFL owner who’s brought his $250 million mega yacht to the Super Bowl. Remember that? Jones’s “Bravo Eugenia” created a viral scene when NFL power players and A-list celebrities headed to his boat party, bringing more attention to the Cowboys, who were not participating at the Super Bowl, and of course, to ‘the Jones’ himself.

Forbes reports showed that Jones is the NFL’s supreme salesman, with more than $200 million in combined advertising revenue and sponsorship.

As of August 9, Jerry Jones was estimated to be the 291st richest person in the U.S., at $8.8 billion, according to Forbes.