'Barça? What better than facing the best team in the world?'

The Atlético coach spoke shortly after Champions League draw which saw his side pitted against current holders Barcelona.

'Barça? What better than facing the best team in the world?'
Ballesteros EFE

Can Atleti aspire to winning trophies?: “No, that would go against our mindset. We still maintain that the  most important game is tomorrow's so our focus is solely on the game against Sporting, who are fighting for their lives".

Barça in the quarter final of the Champions League, what's your reaction?: “A tricky opponent. but as i mentioned we're just focused on the league game at present. Barça are the best team in the world so in that sense it's an exciting tie”.

Atleti recently eliminated Barça in the Champions League, who have Barça improved since then: “They are much better at hanging on to the ball at present, they are dangerous on the counter-attack and the presence of Suárez helps them, they're a different team with a different way of playing”.

Do you plan on making changes from the PSV game?:We'll see how the players are responding after exertion on Tuesday.

What do you fear most, the mental or physical fall-out from the PSV game?: “That's all now in the past and we need to focus on what's around the corner. In Gijón we have another opportunity to maintain our push in one of the key competitions”.

What's your verdict on the Madrid-Wolfsburg tie: “It's a draw that worked out well for all”.