Poyet: "If I have to go then it will be with my dignity intact"

"This is nothing new and we saw the same with Pepe Mel. This is something we have to live with and we can't let things slip", added the Betis coach.

Poyet: "If I have to go then it will be with my dignity intact"

Betis coach, Gustavo Poyet spoke to the media after the home defeat to Espanyol (0-1) at the Benito Villamarin stadium this evening: He observed: "I think we've seen in the games played in the campaign so far that there is very little difference between many teams in the league and small details dictate whether a game a game is won or lost".

The Uruguayan coach was asked on how he felt with whistles and chants aimed at him and responded: "The supporters can say what they want, it's their right to be behind or against the coach and I will carry on focusing on the day to day. It's understandable that playing at home and suffering a defeat is never going to go down well with the fans. This is nothing new and we saw a similar situation with Pepe Mel and other coaches".


The coach was adamant that this setback would not deter his day to day determination and his concept and vision for his Real Betis side. "If I have to go, then I'd rather do it in a dignified way and not in a false manner" he concluded.