The Sun publish photos of Rooney drunk at England hotel

The newspaper published photos of the Manchester United striker with wedding attendees along with the headline: "Wine Rooney"

The Sun publish photos of Rooney drunk at England hotel

These are not the best moments of Wayne Rooney's footbal career and the player is not doing much to change the situation. This past Friday, the English international was photographed in the English team hotel having been allowed to drink beer and wine with member of the English FA.

At the same time, there was a wedding going on at the hotel and the groom invited Rooney. The photos that were taken were sent to the English newspaper and published today in an effort to embarrass the striker along with the title: "Wine Rooney"

Rooney's response

Rooney's camp have since responded, saying "Wayne, along with the rest of the England squad, was on a night off duty,

"Rather than going out, he chose to stay at the team hotel to relax and celebrate a fine England victory against Scotland.

"During the course of the evening he was approached by numerous fellow guests for autographs and pictures.

"As he has always been, Wayne was happy to sign, pose for photos and chat with guests.

"It is sad that one or two of them have now sought to turn Wayne's friendly good nature to their advantage."

Rooney was ruled out of the game with Spain due to a knee injury but is expected to be fit to face Arsenal on Saturday in a crucial game for Mourinho and his side.