AS Arabia, the jewel in the 50th anniversary crown

AS Arabia, the jewel in the 50th anniversary crown

Yesterday was a special day for us at AS as we officially presented or initiative with Qatari media giant Dar Al Sharq with the impending launch of AS Arabia. An accomplishment that we consider to be the jewel in the crown as we celebrate our fiftieth anniversary. The recent launch of various territory based AS America versions (Chile, Colombia ...) have established AS as global leader in the sporting news market as we expand into the Middle East and Northern Africa. AS Arabia will be an Arabic language service aimed at an audience of 427 million people covering Mauritania to Iraq and will feature global and regional sports news in the 25 earmarked countries.

AS ARABIA PRESENTATION Muhammad Al Kordy, Abdullatif Al Mahmoud, Manuel Mirat & Aldredo Relaño

New opportunities

This expansion is our answer to the global decline of traditional physical product media with every crisis sprouting a new opportunity. The internet is a way of reaching readers around the world and on a local level those who have stopped buying their daily newspaper. Our fortitude is the world of Spanish sport and in particular the domestic football league with the international profile and importance of "El Clásico" being a particular strength.

FUTBOL 17/18JUAN LUIS CEBRIAN , PRESIDENT OF PRISA , Shk. Khalid bin Thani bin Abdullah Al Thani , VICEPRESIDENT OF DE DAR AL SHARQ GROUP - Abdullatif Al Mahmoud , Director general of DAR AL SHARQ GROUP

Spanish sport

Joining us yesterday at the presentation were executives from Dar Al Sharq, PRISA, dignitaries from the world of Spanish sport and the Qatari ambassador. We were honoured with his presence and we now are anxious to fulfil the responsibility this initiative brings. Sport creates union and it's the only proven form of uniting nations that I am aware of, a view that is shared by our new partners and I'm eternally grateful for their association in this project. Later this year, AS Arabia will launch to join ranks with AS América and AS in English which are already enjoyed by sports fans throughout the world. This venture is made feasable by the success of our sportsmen and women and without their endeavour this project would not be possible.