Jordi Alba: "Don't give us stick just yet, please"

The Spain left-back spoke to the press after his side's narrow 1-0 win over Iran: "We always like to look the bad things rather than the good things. We have to be positive".

Jordi Alba: "Don't give us stick just yet, please"

Spain left-back Jordi Alba spoke to the press after his side's narrow victory over Iran in their second group game. 

Is the favourites tag weighing heavily? "We played well and the favourites thing doesn't mean that much. This tournament is different; anyone can win. Yesterday we were the favourites but games are won by small margins".

Do you understand Argentina's criticism of Messi?  "I don't understand the criticism of Messi, no, but then there are many things I don't understand. He's unique and makes Argentina better. Anyone who understands football doesn't criticise Leo".

Any preference in the last 16, should you qualify of course?  "You have to be positive. We know we've got a great side but anyone can beat you. Hopefully we can finish first because the draw after that will be more favourable. I don't have a preference".

How would you compare Hierro and Lopetegui?  "Fernando has slotted in well with the squad because we already knew each other. He's a great person who is close to the players. He's had to take on the coaching role and we're happy with that. We learn from him and the ideas are the same as Julen's. Hopefully he [Hierro] will do well with the national side".

Criticism: "We've got used to it in recent years. We always like to look at the bad things rather than focus on the good things. You have to be positive in this life; don't give us too much stick, please".