Ronaldo to sell his house in Madrid as he looks to cut ties with Spain

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Ronaldo to sell his house in Madrid as he looks to cut ties with Spain
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Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave behind everything that once bound him to Spain according to the Portuguese publication 'El Correio do Manha'.

With the headline reading "Ronaldo sells everything in Spain," the newspaper claims Ronaldo plans to end all of his problems with the Spanish tax authorities, who he feels persecuted by.

The 33-year-old seems to be carrying out the same process as he did in 2009 when he left Manchester United. Ronaldo sold his house for around €20 million in Manchester. He bought the mansion for €4.5 million meaning he made a tasty sum on his initial investment.

Now, it seems his plan is the same. He has a fleet of 22 cars too, which will be spread around his various houses in Portugal including Funchal, the Algarve, Lisbon and Sierra de Geres and others will be moved to his new house in Italy.

Ronaldo's new home, a fabulous 1,000 square meter villa with eight bedrooms spread across three floors, an indoor pool along with two secret entrances, is located in Strada San Vito Revigliasco, in the hills of Turin.

What will happen with his CR7 hotel?

If Ronaldo truly wants to cut ties with Spain, he will potentially have to stop building a hotel he had planned in Madrid. He is involved in a project with the Pestana Group to build the first Pestana CR7 hotel in Gran Vía, in the centre of the city.

But this disconnect with Spain that Ronaldo is looking for is more complicated than it seems. His partner, Georgina Rodríguez, is Spanish and his kids were born in Spain. Cristiano Junior has also displayed his displeasure with the move to Italy having to leave his school, his friends and his football team in the suburbs of Madrid where he was a star and where he was adored.