Qatar 2022

Aspire's online program aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle

Doha's Aspire Zone has created a series of online programmes designed to ensure that members of the public stay healthy despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

Aspire's online program aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle

Given the new life circumstances caused by the coronavirus pandemic and with an aim and ambition of ensuring that members of the public in Doha remain safe and healthy, Qatar's Aspire Zone has launched a virtual summer program through its social network platforms (Instagram and YouTube). The initiative endeavours to ensure that younger individuals incorporate exercise into the framework of their day-to-day activity which is essential in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The new Aspire virtual summer program features elements aimed at 5-10 year-old children and serves up several  fitness activities on a weekly basis with the routines published on both the Aspire Instagram and YouTube feeds.

There will also be a series of videos presented by specialized coaches set to be aimed at young adolescents (11-14 years-old) and this will feature a fitness challenge consisting of 6 exercises, each one scheduled to last just one minute and the teenagers can interact with the coaches at the Academy.

The programmes is also set to focus on food and nutritional advice with videos set to be broadcast on Aspire's Instagram platform three times a week (Saturday, Monday, and Thursday). These videos are produced in conjunction with the Aspetar Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital, a subsidiaries of the Aspire Zone (which is located to the the Al-Khalifa International Stadium), the Academy of Sports Excellence, ASpetar, the Qatar Sports Museum, Anti-Doping Laboratory, The Torch Doha hotel along with the Aspire Zone head-office.