What is on a Social Security Statement and how do I get mine?

The Social Security Administration offers beneficiaries the chance to check out their potential entitlement and access tailored advice before claiming their payments.

What is on a Social Security Statement and how do I get mine?

Social Security is the most widely-used form of federal financial support in the United States and is vital to ensuring that retirees and people with disabilities are able to get by. However each individual's exact Social Security entitlement is dependent on a range of factors, from their age and employment history to their marital status and family size.

To understand how much you could receive from Social Security, and to time your first claim to ensure that you get the largest amount, you will need to check your Social Security Statement (SSS).

The SSS is a constantly updated document which shows your Social Security entitlement and draws together all your relevant personal information. Included in the SSS is:

  • Your estimated Social Security entitlement
  • A record of your earnings history with a full list of annual taxed earnings
  • Information on how to update your Social Security details
  • Personalised advice and information to consider before claiming your Social Security entitlement

How to view your Social Security Statement online

By far the easier, and quickest, way to view your SSS is by accessing it online. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has created the My Social Security online portal which lets prospective beneficiaries view the details of their potential entitlement.

If you have not done so previously you will need to create an account with the SSA, which can be done by going to the portal and following the instructions.

Once you are signed up you will not only be able to view your statement, but also carry out other actions relating to your account. You can request a replacement Social Security card, check the status of an application, get estimated for a spouse’s Social Security entitlement, and request proof that you are not currently in receipt of the benefits.

How to receive a Social Security Statement through the mail

The SSA do still offer a paper statement which can be mailed out to recipients but it will take some time for it to arrive. You will need to print, complete and send a "Request For Social Security Statement" form (SSA-7004) to the address listed on the document. Once completed, the SSA estimate that you should receive a physical statement within four to six weeks.

Aside from that, the administration does actually send out a paper copy of the SSS once a year to eligible recipients aged 60 or older who are not registered with a My Social Security account.