Mercedes: the beast unleashed

The Mercedes F1 W07 Hybrid looks as good as last year’s car, with a more compact rear.

Mercedes: the beast unleashed

Mercedes chose Ferrari’s presentation day to release live images of their new car flying down the main straight at Silverstone. Since then we’ve got our hands on a few leaked images but it’s not until today, McLaren’s presentation day, that Mercedes have conclusively shown us what the car will look like.

This is Formula 1 and the days of scheduled mass presentations are long gone. Today it’s all about who can be the quickest and spring a surprise both on and off the track.

From what we can see the F1 W07 looks like an absolute beast, a powerful car capable of continuing Mercedes’ dominance over the chasing pack. Unlike Ferrari or McLaren, Mercedes have kept the linear, sword-like front with a very short nose cone. The car is also a little more compact at the rear to improve aerodynamics. We’ll see the car in action on the track for the first time tomorrow on the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona with Lewis Hamilton at the wheel.