President of Nice: Barcelona changed their minds on signing Seri

The President of Nice, Jean-Pierre Rivere, spoke to Canal+ France to say that Barcelona had shattered the dream of the player, contradicting what Seri said at the time.


Jean-Pierre Rivere, president of Nice, in an interview to be broadcast on Canal+ France, talks about the failed signing of Jean Michael Seri by Barcelona. "The two clubs had agreed a price of 40 million euros, but the situation changed at the last moment".

Barcelona changed their minds

Rivere said that on the Wednesday before the end of the transfer window he received a call from Julien Fourinier, general manager of Nice. "Jean Pierre, I don't understand this at all. Barcelona just called. Bartomeu, somewhat embarrassed, told me they don't want Seri".

The next day the news was confirmed. "It was basically a done deal. If I put myself in Seri's shoes it's very tough. He was close to his dream move to Barça, but it was shattered overnight".

Seri blamed Nice for the breakdown in Barcelona move

This version is at odds with that offered by the player. Seria blamed Nice for demanding 10 million euros more, with the 40 million euro deal already worked out. "I went to the club's offices to demand an explanation", he raged afterwards.