Barcelona's great challenge is to "reduce salary spend by €18m"

The club will increase their budget to over one billion euro but they have to reduce their wage bill by €18 million according to the club's CEO.

Barcelona's great challenge is to "reduce salary spend by €18m"
Gorka Leiza DIARIO AS

Barcelona's biggest challenge is to reduce their overall salary spend ahead of next season according to the club's CEO.

Oscar Grau explained that they will have a budget of over €1 billion with an increase of 6% from last season. Ahead of the coming season though, Grau says their big challenge is to "reduce the wage bill by €18 million".

The current wage bill is €525 million, which is 55% of the total expenses. If you add in the amortization to that it rises to 68% and a total of €671 million. These figures were made public by the CEO during the financial reporting following the 2018-19 season along with club treasurer, Enrique Tombas.

Over the last four years, income has risen steadily by 13% on average annually. The club's income in 2014-15 was €608 million and that is now €990 million. The treasurer says the situation is "very comfortable and healthy". That is why the budget for next year will be over €1 billion, a figure that puts Barcelona "ahead of NBA and NFL teams."

Expenses have also shot up to €973 million from €882 last season, rising by 10% over the season. The debt, which Tombas says is "perfectly sustainable" is €217 million. If you take away the Espai Barça debt from that, it drops to €137 million. "The ETIBA ration (Earnings before interest, taxes, and amortization) compared to other entertainment companies that can be one billion, is just 18% of that, which is spectacular," says Tombas.

As for player sales, Barcelona brought in €114 million, which was down from the year before, which was aided by the world record transfer fee of Neymar to Paris Saint Germain.