Luis Suárez cashing in on Atlético Madrid contract clauses

There was many an eybrow raised in the summer when Barcelona's Uruguyan striker made the move to one of their LaLiga rivals, and he's now making the most of it.


Atlético Madrid striker Luis Suárez has 16 goals in 17 games, including seven in the last four, making him LaLiga’s top scorer at the moment. And according to Spanish paper Mundo Deportivo, by exceeding 15 goals in the league he will collect an extra million euros as part of the clauses written into his contract.

Suárez cashing in on contract clauses

In addition to the million-euro bonus already reached, Suárez will now expect to surpass another one. Most observers would say it is likely that by the end of the season, barring serious injury, he will notch up at least four more goals for his new side. That would take him to 20 for the season, and he would collect another million.

Suárez celebrates after scoring against Celta

Suárez celebrates after scoring against Celta

His new boss, Diego Simeone, is clearly delighted with his striker, one that has the rojiblancos installed as favourites for the league title.

"He has always scored them,” Cholo said regarding Suárez’ goal exploits. “it's not that now he is scoring them and it's something new. He is a key player when he has chances in the area and we collectively try to assist him with this.”

Although Atlético could not offer him the same high salary that he had at Barcelona, these additional rewards from his performances on the pitch are paying of for all involved.