Zidane: "Until Monday anything is possible, one big signing, even two"

"This is the squad I have and I'm proud of the players I have. If I complain about this squad then it's time to look for a new job", claimed the French coach.

Zidane: "Until Monday anything is possible, one big signing, even two"

Zinedine Zidane spoke to the media ahead of Real Madrid's game away to Villarreal at the Estadio de La Cerámica (Sunday September 1st at 21:00 CEST). The French coach analysed his squad with the current transfer window closing on Monday.

Before getting into the business of fielding questions from the assembled members of the press, Zidane was keen to send a message of support to Luis Enrique: "I'd like to say a few words before we start. I'd like to send all my support and that of the team to Luis Enrique and his family after the terrible news about his daughter".

Real Madrid's French coach Zinedine Zidane attends a training session at the Ciudad Real Madrid training ground in Valdebebas near Madrid

What's the latest situation with Keylor: "The situation is that he will be with us tomorrow and until Monday as always. Anything can happen in the market but he'll be with us and is focused on the game, that's it".

Do you have the squad you wanted? "At the end of the day, this is the squad I have and I'm proud of the players at my disposition. The most important factor for a coach to be content and that's how I am. With the market currently open, however anything can happen but I'm not going to complain about the squad I have. If that was the case then I'd need to look for a new job. This is a squad that many other coaches would love to oversee and I'm extremely proud of this group".

What would you think if Keylor leaves Madrid? "That could happen but as things stand, he's here with us and will be tomorrow".

Has your relationship with Florentino Pérez improved? Have you more authority when it comes to making decisions? "I make decisions about what happens on the pitch. My relationship with Florentino has always been very good and he's the person who brought me here and that's something I'll never forget. Everyone is free to interpret things as they see fit but I've nothing to clear up as the relationship between us is good".

Do you understand why people don't see Madrid as favourites this season? "I really don't care about that as it's time to concentrate on working. We believe in ourselves and what we can achieve in this competition".

Are you concerned about the latest spate of injuries? "Of course I am and sadly these things happen as they do with all teams. All I can say that is we're doing all in our powers to get these players fit as soon as possible".

Are you anticipating a big move ahead of the window closing? "As I said earlier, until the close of play on Monday, anything is possible and we could have one major signing, or even two... We'll have to wait and see. The focus at the moment is on tomorrow's game in the league".