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Coronavirus live: latest Covid-19 updates - Friday 27 March

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AS front page: 28 March 2020

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In the meantime, here is our front page for Saturday 28 March: 'Temporary redundancy FC' as clubs in Spain take different approaches to the situation, including Barça players rejecting the plan.

A thread from our friends at AS Roma worth reading...

Trump towers, Trump golf courses...Trump pay checks???

The president of the United States, Donald Trump said that he spoke to the UK's prime minister Boris Johnson (currently self-isolating after testing positive for coronavirus) with the latter requesting help sourcing ventilators.

If you are one of the many millions now working from home, check out some advice from the experts which could help you out...

Trump's comments haven't gone down well with many again...

Donald Trump has been out doing his daily briefing to the media and the American people

Sport stars continue to play their part in raising money to support the fight. Spanish golfer Sergio Garcia joining the likes of compatriots Pau Gasol and Rafa Nadal...

We've talked a lot in the last few days about the salary situation and player actions at Real Madrid and Barcelona, but even the money-rich Premier League is taking a big hit through the current crisis

One of three Juventus players to contract the virus, Paulo Dybala has shared his current state of health

As experts continue to analyse the current coronavirus, studies are giving more clues as to how long it can last, and be spread, on objects and surfaces.

Nice move from the governor of California. 

The president and the chief executive of Serie A are to present a proposal to the players' union on 30 March for a complete wage freeze in Italy's top flight.

There have been almost 300 coronavirus deaths in France in the last 24 hours, it has been announced. 299 people died in the last 24 hours and intensive care beds are filling up too.

The USA, on Friday, passed the biggest relief package in the modern history of the country. At $2 trillion dollars, the bill has been passed to Donald Trump to be signed. But it split voters, as ever in congress.

Fernando Simón, the head of Spain’s health emergency coordination centre, said that Spain could be looking at a situation as serious as that in Italy.

France has extended its national lock down by two weeks to April 15, French PM Édouard Philippe has confirmed. There have been a surge of cases in the country, including the death of a 16-year-old girl on March 27. The country's high-speed rail network is being used to evacuate patients from heavily populated areas to the regions for treatment. 

Washing hands coronavirus

Washing your hands can stop Covid-19 infection - but how often do you need wash them and when? What works best, Soap or sanitizer? Read more about why disinfecting your hands is vital during the coronavirus pandemic and how to reduce your chances of getting infected


Novak Djokovic and his wife Jelena have donated €1m to the fight against Covid-19. 

"Domino effect reaches the Tour de France"

In his daily AS column, Alfredo Relaño has looked at what the options are for the Tour de France, which is due to get underway on 24 June but appears certain to join a whole host of other sporting events in being affected by the coronavirus pandemic:

Mikel Arteta

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta tested positive for Covid-19 just over a fortnight ago on 12 March. Thankfully, he has made a full recovery. Arteta said one of his biggest fears was the possibility that he might infect members of his squad. "I am feeling completely recovered," he told the club's website. "It's true I started having some symptoms when we got the phone call from the club [Olympiacos] to let us know that we might be exposed to the virus... I don't know, I felt something within me, that I had it. Then you realise: 'Wow, everybody can be exposed here, this is very serious' and you start to think about the people that you've been in contact with and the other people that can be related to us. That's when a bit of fear comes. In terms of symptoms, it was a normal virus for me. I had three or four days which were a little bit difficult, with a bit of a temperature and a dry cough, and some discomfort in my chest. That was it.

"The difficulty is that I have people at home, three kids as well, and I was worried. My wife has been through it and my nanny's been through it. Thank God, the kids never got it. We are all completely fine now."

Fenerbahce: 4 positive cases confirmed

The Istanbul giants have confirmed that 4 employees, including 1 athlete, 1 member of the technical team and 2 administrative employees have tested positive for Covid-19.


"I ain't high-fiving nobody for the rest of my life after this shit"

LA Lakers star LeBron James has joked about the extra precautions he’ll be taking when basketball is finally able to resume after the coronavirus crisis. “I ain’t high-fiving nobody for the rest of my life after this shit,” James told the Road Trippin’ Podcast. “No more high-fiving. After this corona shit? Wait ’til you see me and my team-mates’ handshakes after this shit.”

(Photo: Glenn James; Getty Images)

Health workers Barcelona

Wherever you are in the world, consult the Coronavirus visualizer to get updates on the situation in your country. So far, globally, there are 396,932 active cases of Covid-19, the death count stands at 24,903 (4.52%) while 128,701 have managed to overcome the virus and have recovered. Find out what the figures are in your country here:

UK PM Johnson tests positive for coronavirus - full story:


Spain "on the way to stabilisation"

Fernando Simón, the head of Spain’s health emergency coordination centre, has told his daily press conference that there are positive signs in the country’s fight against the spread of coronavirus, despite its death toll rising sharply on Friday.

The data indicates that we’re on the way to stabilisation,” Simón said. “It’s true that today we have registered more deaths than yesterday, but the overall rise [of cases from the previous day] is 14%, the lowest in the last 15 days.”

Earlier on Friday, Spain's health ministry confirmed that the nation's Covid-19 death toll had increased by 769 - to a total of 4,858 - since Thursday. 

(Photo: EFE; JM Cuadrado)

Espanyol announce temporary pay cuts amid crisis

LaLiga club Espanyol have followed city rivals Barcelona in enforcing temporary wage cuts for their playing staff during the coronavirus crisis.

Barça announced the move on Thursday evening, after negotiations with the squad over a voluntary drop in salary failed.

UK PM Johnson has coronavirus

UK prime minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for coronavirus, it has just been confirmed. Johnson says he has mild symptoms and is now self-isolating, and has vowed to "continue to lead the government’s response via video-conference as we fight this virus".

Spain death toll on the rise once more

Spain’s health ministry have just released its latest official coronavirus figures, which show that the country’s death toll is on the rise once again, having dropped for the first time in over a week on Thursday. There have now been a total of 64,059 cases of Covid-19, leading to 4,858 deaths - up 769 from 24 hours ago.


Real Madrid's quarantine period comes to an end

The 15 day period has expired since club basketball player Trey Thompkins was diagnosed as positive with the Covid-19 virus.

Latest global coronavirus numbers

Here, at just before 12:00 CET, are the latest worldwide coronavirus numbers (source: Johns Hopkins University):

Spain: 57,786 cases; 4,365 deaths

UK: 11,813 cases; 580 deaths

US: 85,991 cases; 1,296 deaths

Italy: 80,589 cases; 8,215 deaths

China: 81,894 cases; 3,296 deaths

India: 761 cases; 20 deaths

World: 542,417 cases; 24,354 deaths

16-year-old dies of Covid-19 in France

A 16-year-old girl in France has died as a result of Covid-19, the director general of the country’s health services, Jérome Salomon, has confirmed. It is not known whether she was suffering from any prior conditions or illnesses, but she is one of the world’s youngest victims of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the latest figures published by the Johns Hopkins University, France has so far registered 29,567 coronavirus cases, with a death toll of 1,698.


11,800 coronavirus cases now confirmed in the UK

Total cases, deaths and recoveries & real time graph

Updated global coronavirus numbers

Here are the latest worldwide coronavirus figures as of 10:30 CET, courtesy of Johns Hopkins University:

Spain: 57,786 cases; 4,365 deaths

UK: 11,813 cases; 580 deaths

US: 85,991 cases; 1,296 deaths

Italy: 80,589 cases; 8,215 deaths

China: 81,828 cases; 3,296 deaths

India: 753 cases; 20 deaths

World: 537,042 cases; 24,110 deaths

Pangolin at centre of coronavirus outbreak

A new study has reaffirmed that the global coronavirus pandemic could well have originated from the pangolin, an animal that is one of the most widely traded creatures on the international black market and is used not only as a source of food in many countries but also in traditional Chinese remedies.

Full story:

Atlético players will accept pay cut

While Barcelona's players on Thursday rejected a temporary pay cut, Atlético Madrid president Enrique Cerezo has said that Los Rojiblancos' squad will accept a drop in salary amid the coronavirus crisis.

"Our players are conscious of the situation," he stated. "I don't think that there will be any problem on their part, or the part of the coach or the technical staff, because they will always rise to the occasion."

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US coronavirus cases overtake China

The United States has overtaken China as the country with the highest number of coronavirus cases, with around 86,000 people in America now confirmed to have been infected. Speaking on Thursday, US president Donald Trump described this development as a "tribute to the amount of testing we're doing".

(Photo: Jonathan Ernst; Reuters)

Latest global coronavirus numbers

Here’s a rundown of the latest worldwide coronavirus figures at 09:00 CET, courtesy of Johns Hopkins University:

Spain: 57,786 cases; 4,365 deaths

UK: 11,813 cases; 580 deaths

US: 85,991 cases; 1,296 deaths

Italy: 80,589 cases; 8,215 deaths

China: 81,782 cases; 3,291 deaths

India: 753 cases; 20 deaths

World: 533,416 cases; 24,082 deaths

Barcelona announce staff cuts

Barcelona have announced that members of staff will be laid off or have their salaries reduced temporarily as a result of the coronavirus pandemic to minimise the economic impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the club.

On Thursday, the club's first-team squad rejected a proposal to accept wage cuts put forward by the Camp Nou board.

Full story:

AS front page 27 March 2020

"On the front line"

Here's this morning's AS front page, which doffs its cap to the "athletes with healthcare training [who] are taking the fight to the coronavirus pandemic in Spain".

"They're convinced that Covid-19 will be defeated," it adds.

Coronavirus live: good morning

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