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Indian schools and colleges remain closed but children are expected to study at home

The government denied having plans to re-open schools and colleges in September. A final decision still needs to be made on when to resume the academic year.

Indian schools and colleges remain closed but children are expected to study at home

The Narendra Modi-led government refuted speculation claiming that schools and colleges that have been closed since mid-March will re-open on 1 September. No final decision will be made on when students will be allowed back until authorities have assessed the situation concerning the spread of Covid-19 in the country.

A recent meeting was attended by the Ministry of Education Parliamentary Standing Committee, MPs, and the officials of the ministry. One of the issues discussed was the situation of students with limited financial resources who cannot afford to buy equipment to work from home such as smartphones and laptops for their online education.

The government responded by assuring that transistors would be distributed to students who have financial problems so that they can study via community radio along with an IVRS system that will also be specifically created for online classes.

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Committee chairman Vinay Sahasrabuddhe suggested that a "questions bank" can be created for college students from which, exam questions can be selected to relieve some of the students' stress.

Union Higher Education Secretary Amit Khare added that exams will be held by the end of 2020 as the government has no intention of writing off this academic year. “Students will get their classes online and off-line, and all logistical support will be provided to ensure that exams happen. We are not going to treat the current academic session as a year-long holiday”.